When I found out about Salt Therapy it sounded too good to be true.  All the information indicated that I should have received health assistance for my respiratory ailments and in many other health areas.  In fact, it worked so fast that I almost thought it was my imagination.  My lung functions improved like a clap of thunder and my psoriasis stopped itching.  I had 3 days of normal breathing and unitchy skin.  I feel sure that the length of relief will be prolonged as the therapy continues.  But, if I wrote about all the benefits I've experienced I'd need, at least, a full page of any newspaper. - Suzanne B.

The children always have colds around October so I didn't want them to be sick. One daughter always gets an awful sounding cough when she gets a cold. When she started getting a little sniffly I signed up for a session. When you have children it spreads around - when one gets sick, they all get sick. We went a few times before vacation and none of us got sick, and her sniffles never turned into a cough. I was really impressed; that was the first time that has ever happened. - Julie N.

I could feel the difference the very first time I went. It has been amazing the capacity my lungs can hold on a daily basis, since I began going. I just got finished with a sessions a few hours ago, and I'm driving to the mountains now and I can smell things I can't normally smell and taste things I can't normally taste. The ears, nose and throat are just remarkably more sensitive. I know from experience that people don't take full, deep breaths and there is a portion of our lungs that we don't utilize that continues to build toxins and stagnation. But if we continue to exercise our lungs we can expel those toxins. Living in Atlanta with all the pollution it seems to me logical people would want to do that regularly. - Sue M.

I had a wonderful experience at Salt Therapy of Georgia twice and I am going back.  I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  Through Salt Therapy of Georgia I have been able to get more oxygen into my lungs, plus it has given me more energy, and my joints don't hurt as bad.  Everyone reacts differently to different things and our body's change.  But to me it has really opened my eyes to this wonderful natural way of healing and given me an extra boost to quality of life. - Suzie D.