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Why No Smokers?

So many people have asked us, "Why No Smokers?"

As a smoker, what is the first thing you do prior to walking into a building? Did you just finish a cigarette, cigar, or e-cigarette? Do you know you are still exhaling smoke and chemicals?

The main reason we do not allow smokers is for our clients who have respiratory issues, like Asthma, COPD, or Cystic Fibrosis. The presence of the exhaled smoke or chemicals in it can trigger a reaction or an attack.

Okay, so say you have had a salt therapy session. What’s the next thing you do when you walk out our door? Do you light up?

The second reason we don’t allow smokers is once you start smoking another cigarette, any benefit received from Salt Therapy will be nullified. At this point, we are just taking your money, and that’s just not right.

When you have chosen to stop smoking entirely, we would love to help you! Salt Therapy is an excellent way to help clear your lungs from the chemicals that have been built up. You may set your first appointment 2-3 weeks after you have quit.

Thank you for your understanding.