Welcome to Atlanta’s Premier Salt Therapy Center!
This location is permanently closed and unable to offer sessions.

Salt Therapy, or Halotherapy, is a natural, drug-free and holistic therapy for respiratory diseases.

It provides effective relief, and can be used as a complementary therapy with your prescribed medication or on its own.

Salt Therapy can dramatically enhance sports and singing performances and improves lung function by increasing lung capacity and stamina.

It is beneficial for all ages especially those with respiratory and skin ailments without side effects, and helps to build your immune system.

Come take a break and relax in our Adult Salt room. While seated in the comfort of a reclining chair,  you are surrounded by Dead Sea and Himalayan Salt. Unwind while listening to soft, soothing music.

In the Kids Salt Room, there are quiet activities to do. You and your child can either play quietly, read or sit and relax. Adults can enjoy the kids room, too! The Kids room is the perfect place to hold a quiet conversation with a friend.


Adult Relaxation Salt Therapy Room

Salt Therapy of Georgia Kids Room